Who I work with

Integral Psychotherapy is a generalist practice and clients present for all kinds of reasons.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my suitability to your concernt.
Some core practice areas with both couples and individuals include:
Anxiety and depression:

These two well-known presentations are often central to why someone attends counselling. They can be biomedical in nature and in our society are treated accordingly. Frequently however, psychosocial factors such as family, work, relationships and other stressors, past and present can be considerable contributors.

Panic and agoraphobia:

I have a deep understanding of this often overlooked and highly debillitating condition beyond just the conventional rounds of exposure therapy.

Abuse and trauma:

I am a trauma informed and highly experienced trauma practitioner who has worked with many cases of complex trauma and PTSD from recent or past life events.

Young adult issues:

Anxiety, depression, future concerns, career, financial concerns, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality and sexual orientation, family, drugs, alcohol and technology addictions.

Men's counselling

Many men in Australia are highly resistant to seeking help or coming to counselling to make change. I offer a sensitive and attuned environment for men of all ages to be themselves and work deeply and effectively through their concerns and challenges.

Existential and spiritual concerns:

Clients of all ages with a sense of longing and deeper meaning, of wanting to know the truth of who they are and potentially looking for support for the deeper journey and its practice. If I say guidance for the inner journey, you may well relate and you will find it here.

Meditation and mindfulness instruction

I have been a meditation practitioner in the Buddhist Insight Therevadan and Tibetan Dzogchen and Mahamudra traditions for 15 years. He is also an ongoing Diamond Approach student of 13 years and practitioner of Kundalini yoga. I would consider it a privilege to teach you to meditate and other optimising strategies and approaches for relaxation, mindfulness and better life management.

Multicultural, generational

Many clients feel they have personal, family and society issues around settlement and the many related factors and challenges.

Grief and loss

Bereavement is a considerable factor in what impacts us and holds us back. Though commonly related to death and loss of a loved one, we can experience many other losses and challenges to adaptation to them.