For new clients

Welcome to Integral Psychotherapy.

You may have found this website through an online search or perhaps you received a referral.
This section aims to give the practice and counselling itself, along with suggestions on how to find the counellor who is right for you.

If you have any further questions or would like to book a session,

Appointment bookings and queries

About Leo Martyn

My qualifications, accreditation and biography reside at the link below.

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Practice locations

The practice is currently at one Sydney location, however online sessions are available to clients located regionally, nationally and worldwide

@ The Natural Medicine Centre
G.05 460 Pacific Highway
St Leonards - Crows Nest NSW 2065

@ Online
Via easy to use Zoom webinar software
Skype may be available upon request

Full details and directions

Session fees and details

In-person individual sessions start at 60min
I offer my clients a full and relaxed hour

Clients undertaking deeper psychotherapeutic work may opt for 90min sessions by mutual agreement

60min session - $120
Extended time, per 30min - $30

Relationship counselling sessions for couples start at 60min
A 90min session is an optimal timeframe for couples-relationship counselling

60min session - $150
Extended time, per 30min - $25

Online sessions
Please contact me for further information

Rates as above.

Professional letters and referencing

Please note that a minimum of 3 sessions need to be attended before any letters can be written offering a reference.
As I am not a diagnosing clinician I cannot offer any kind of medical or psychological assessment, but will gladly provide a letter of reference related to observed character, presentation and commitment to your agreed goals and intentions required by your attendance in therapy.

Starting from $120


I am open to offering discounts to my rates based on age or financial circumstance.
Each application is considered on a case by case basis.
Please contact me if you would like to discuss possible options.

Payment and settling your account

Full payment is required at the conclusion of your session.
Accounts can be settled by

  • Visa or MasterCard where payments will be taken using the secure Stripe payment gateway
  • Cash directly to me
  • Bank transfer
Payment terms and conditions

Where card transactions are declined by your issuer a $5 fee per declined transaction per day will be applied until payment is successfully completed.

Where payment is late or delayed, Integral Psychotherapy may refuse further sessions or decline a booking unless payment in advance is received.

Concession sessions will attract a surcharge for card payment. Please ask for applicable fee.

Cancellation policy

While things happen out of our control, the following cancellation policy is in place to ensure our work together remains positive, respectful and connected. Mitigating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please contact me as soon as you know.


Free of charge prior to the day of your scheduled appointment.
Same day changes may incur a 50% fee if made less than 6 hours prior to your session.


50% of the appointment fee will be charged to you if the cancellation is made prior to the day of your scheduled first appointment.

100% will be payable should you need to cancel on the same day.

Rebates and Medicare

Health fund rebates

Rebates for Medibank, BUPA, Doctors and Police health funds will be available very soon - early 2019


Unfortunately I do not currently offer consultations under the Medicare Better Access scheme. While I am eligible to apply and likely receive a provider number, these rebates are not currenly available.

In our society a prevailing attitude is that any kind of discount is better than none, but please take the time to learn more about how seeing me without a Medicare referral will likely be cheaper or negligably different in terms of cost, offer you a longer consultation time and is not limited to 10 sessions or the few types of more basic therapies available under the Better Access scheme. 

This also raises the question as to who is the right therapist for you and it may or may not be me for many reasons.

Am I the right counsellor for you?

Taking the step to book a counselling session may be a daunting experience and for many, a long and challenging personal journey has been undertaken before attending a first session.
If you have reached this point, congratulations and I hope I can assist you.

Finding a counsellor in the age of Google is not difficult, but like any service offered in our market economy, there are many factors to consider.
Also worthy of consideration is the nature of the human mind and its emotions, feelings and past conditioning.

Inherently, we need to take care to disseminate whether a practitioner is or is not optimal for us at the personal level and whether our resistance to change and defenses may be getting in the way.

Learn more

Clients I work with

I welcome clients of all ages above 18 years old. I will on request see younger clients in the context of the family.

If you are from a non-mainstream life, background or direction or are experiencing unique or challenging mental health conditions unresolved by more conventional approaches, you are particularly welcome. This may include, but not limited to

  • GLBTI clients
  • Clients of all nationalities
  • Clients of all religions, spiritual directions and faiths
  • Clients who feel shame, embarrassment or a sense of ostracism due to conditions or behaviours they feel limit a rich and fulfilling life.

If it appears I cannot help you, I'm open to discuss and potentially assist you to find another more suitable therapist or approach.


Practice specialisations

notably panic and agoraphobia (see below)

often underpinned by anger, grief and loss and unresolved matters from the past

Recent events such as family or domestic violence or assault (sexual, physical, psychological) can go unoticed and benefit from more immediate support

Complex Trauma
Where trauma has been left unresolved or from a young age it becomes complex and entangled

Immediate and pressing concerns that need immediate and often material action

Grief, loss, anger
Sometimes we are not aware of what we are still holding onto

are often troublesome things used to manage many of the items in this list

The way in which we cope with life's stressors can be heavily influenced by developments in early attachment.

Young adult issues
I like working with young people and helping get dreams and potential back on track

Relationships and sexuality
I am happy to work with couples or individuals around these central concerns

Multicultural issues
Being of an outside culture in a dominant or oppressive culture benefits from support

The Inner Journey
Religion aside, spiritual and existential concerns are at the core of our human experience, something I have extensive experience in supporting